• Stringer: the team stringer consists of 3 trout and one red. Have the fish you have chosen prior to getting in line to weigh in.

  • Redfish/trout: Redfish must be at least 20” and not greater than 28”. Trout must be at least 15” and not greater than 25”.

  • Your team must decide the redfish and trout to weigh prior to approaching the weighmaster for weigh-in

  • If you bring an undersize/oversize fish to weigh in, you WILL NOT be allowed to go back to your ice chest to exchange the fish.

  • The weigh master will have the final say on weight and size of the fish

  • You are required to have a valid fishing license from Texas Parks and Wildlife to participate in this tournament

  • Citations for not observing the Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations, and any team not observing these regulations receiving a citation during this event will be immediately disqualified

  • Multiple poles may be present on the boat during this tournament, but only 1 pole per angler may be used to fish with at any given time

  • Coolers are allowed in line, but only the fish you are weighing in maybe in the cooler


  • Heaviest stringer: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

  • Heaviest redfish: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

  • Heaviest trout: 1st, 2nd, 3rd



  • Side pots must be purchased at the Captains’ meeting on June 12, 2020

  • Money will not be accepted for pots on the day of the tournament

    • Longest redfish

    • Longest trout

    • Most spots on a redfish


  • This is an amateur fishing tournament. Each boat may have up to 4 anglers and 1 guide/driver per boat.

  • All individuals on the team must be listed on the registration form and each individual MUST sign the Hold Harmless Agreement in order to participate in this tournament

       Agreements must be submitted prior to Captains Meeting either in person during check-in or you             can email the hand-signed agreements to Jennifer Overpeck. 

  • Guides and captains are NOT allowed to fish in this tournament

  • Teams may fish from a boat, pier, surf, kayak, or wade fish offshore.

  • Teams must fish together and may NOT split up and fish in different locations


  • Someone may assist you in baiting your hook, casting, and netting. It is your responsibility to set the hook or reel the fish to the boat or net. If further accommodations are needed, you can contact us at


  • The fish weighed in cannot be altered in any way

  • Tails may not be cut

  • No items may be stuffed inside to increase weight

  • Fish must be fresh and caught on the tournament day

  • Fish must be caught within the boundaries set forth by the tournament

  • If there is any suspicion of alteration, there will be an immediate investigation performed by the weigh master on the fish in question

  • If the evidence supports the accusation of cheating or unethical tournament behavior, your team will be immediately disqualified and reported to CCA


  • Fishing begins 30 minutes prior to official sunrise on Saturday.

  • Weigh-in is no earlier than 12 p.m. and you MUST be standing in the weigh-in line at 3 p.m.

  • Weigh in line will be roped off by 3 p.m., NO EXCEPTIONS


  • In the event of a weigh-in tie, the length of the fish will prevail

  • The weigh master will have the final decision


  • The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse fish for weigh-in if there is evidence of unethical behavior or your team is not in the weigh-in line by the designated time, 3:00 p.m.


  • A catastrophic event is defined as one that affects the normal activity/progression of the tournament. A catastrophic event will be determined by, no less than 3 tournament committee members. It may or may not affect the rules of the tournament


  • This tournament is bound by the TP&W regulations with regards to the disposal of the catch

  • It is illegal to dispose of caught fish with meat in-tact

  • Tournament participants will NOT be allowed to dump your fish in the trash bins

  • Tournament participants may donate their catch to any other members or contact a tournament committee member to receive their fish

  • DOUSA will be collecting any donated fish caught during the tournament for future use as a fundraising event to continue our efforts


  • Tournament fees per angler are $100 if entry is received by midnight, CST May 16, 2020

  • If entry is received after the designated deadline listed above, the cost will be an additional $25, totaling $125 for entry fees per angler

  • May 23, 2020, midnight CST is the LAST DAY to register online


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